RA's Gambling Corner: Goalie Update, Play Adjustment, And Biz Fade

Got back on the winning side last week so hopefully the early-season hiccups are dunzo.

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In the clip above, I pick Vegas puck and money if MAF gets the start. Well, as we found out this AM, he isn’t starting. So I won’t be putting that same action in. Even though Oscar Dansk’s tiny sample size is impressive, he’s not MAF. So I’m not risking 1-2 dimes on him. I’ll likely throw something small on VGK just on principle. But I’m not pounding them like I was going to if MAF started.

As for the Avs, we’re still on them. COLORADO 1000 to make 1100 and -1.5 +300 500 to make 1500.

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Good luck to all.