Nats Lose Game 5, Will Need To Win 2 More On The Road Now

Another tough one. As great as games 1 and 2 were, games 2, 3, and 4 have been the reverse. The Astros, spoiler alert, are no joke. Gerrit Cole did Gerrit Cole things, their lineup showed why it was the best lineup since the ’27 Yankees, and the Stros rolled through all 3 games to take the series lead back to Houston.

We can always play the “what if” game about Scherzer, of course. Even typing that sentence, I stopped, exhaled, and shook my head. Just one of those freak, one in a million type things. Like, what are the chances the best pitcher in the world has to miss his World Series start because he can’t even lift his arm? It’s an all-time unfortunate situation, having to replace one of the greatest with a guy who wasn’t even a part of the rotation for 90% of the season.

So, where are we at now? Down 3-2, heading back to Houston for Stras vs Verlander. The Nats won the first 2 in Houston, so hey, why not again? This also reminds me of the Caps vs Lightning series from 2 years ago- Caps won 2, lost 3, and then won 6 and 7 to go to the Cup. So all hope isn’t lost. Crazier things have happened. Remember when the Red Sox came back from 3-0 vs the Yankees? That was much crazier. Nobody believed that could happen, so I’m not giving up hope on the Nats. Not with Stras about to take the mound.

We’ll be back on stream on Tuesday. And then hopefully Wednesday as well. Bring your Natitude.