Rear Admiral's Gambling Corner: Time To Fade RA?

Rear Admiral is back with another gambling corner on episode 213 of Spittin’ Chiclets. But is it time to start fading the gambling savant?

As Whit noted in the clip, we recorded the Gambling Corner at 10:30AM Sunday morning. I was fresh off another night with a NHL pick that went to the shithouse but was fortunately offset by my Astros run line pick. I was staring at another losing week and the NHL slate wasn’t kicking off til later.

So that meant I would have to try to chip away with some NFL action, historically my gambling Achilles. But not today, my friends. Here’s a text to my brother with my early action (instead of C&Ping 85 receipts).


And thanks to a stable’s worth of horseshoes up my ass, I had a three-and-a-half-dime early portion of the day. The 4s weren’t too shabby either.



So while my overall luck turned, we’ll find out tonight if my NHL luck did as well.

I typically don’t take puck lines with small returns but Tampa should be playing angry after blowing a late lead at home Saturday and Vasy is the confirmed starter.

So we are on the TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING -1.5 +115 for 500 to make 575.

Good luck to all.