Rear Admiral's Gambling Corner: Updated Picks Are In

What’s up, gang? Smelly Borrelli’s Isles salvaged what would’ve been a disastrous Monday for Corner backers. They offset the Tampa loss so we lost Habs money and puck. Not a big deal as they say. We’re right back at tonight.

First up is the Edmonton Oilers. They’re in LA tonight and the line seems suspiciously low at just -134. Only one team has more points than the Oil (Caps) and zero teams have fewer points than the Kings. It’s not like they’re playing their 3rd game in 4 nights or are starting a bum in net.

But it’s certainly not going to scare the Corner away. So we’re on the Edmonton Oilers -134 for 1340 to make a dime and -1.5 +180 for a nickel to make 900.

Next up is the Tampa Bay Lightning. I said on Chiclets that I was only playing the Bolts if the goalie match-up was Vasy vs. Crawford but McElhinney is getting the nod for them. The Blackhawks have picked up their play as of late, despite dropping their last game to Carolina. And Crawford has looked much like the Crawford of old in his last handful of starts.

After some stumbling, Tampa looked to get back on track when stud D-man Victor Hedman returned for the games in Sweden. But they lost their last two. And word just came in that Kucherov is OUT for tonight. So we’re gonna call an audible here and go with the Murley Special: the 3-Way result after regular time will be TIED AFTER REGULATION for +290 for 250 to make 725.

This week, we’ve got an absolute gong show of a deal for new customers on the BetMGM sports app when you use the promo code CHICLETS. This week we’ve got a special Chiclets parlay for this weekend’s games.

Here’s how the Chiclets parlay works: we’ve all selected one game over the weekend and we’re combining it into one special parlay. We’ve got a Bet $1, Win $100 offer for the parlay and you’ll win as long as we hit one leg of the parlay.

Here’s the parlay:


Follow these instructions…

1. Sign up for a NEW BetMGM account and use bonus code CHICLETS

2. Make sure to place your FIRST BET on the Chiclets parlay, it will be in the lobby under “Barstool Specials”

3. Regardless of the outcome of the bet, you’ll win $100 as long as we hit one leg of the parlay!

Good luck to all.