Rear Admiral's Gambling Corner: Fresh Powder Is On The Menu

Let’s get it right out there: last week’s Gambling Corners were a fucking disaster. A 3-7 record that lost -2750 (2-4 -500 on Monday, 1-3 -2250 on Thursday). Hand up, I ganked that Bruins pick. Fucking disaster. It happens.

Ironically, I still had a huge week. I had Paulie Walnuts to bail me out with the Nuggets late Thursday night. Completely undid the damage from the Bs play. Then I had the Avs on Friday and Bs and Sharks on Saturday.

The lesson here I guess is if you’re tailing me on Corner picks, make sure to follow me on Twitter so you get my late chasers after I lose early bets.

I’m on the Avs until they lose because I owe them that and Nate Dogg is flying. We’re on them tonight at EVEN for 1000 to make 1000 and -1.5 +300 for 500 to make 1500.

Let’s fucking go!

Good luck to all.