Barstool Sports Advisors Best Of The NFL Season

This show has come along way in just 2 years. From this
Screen Shot 2019-12-26 at 11.56.13 PM
To todays best of which honestly, could have and probably should have been way longer. We were trying to cut it down so it could fit as a 10 minute twitter video and and in doing so realized just how much funny stuff there was from just 16 episodes. I love being involved in making this show and already can't wait for next year so this is my promise that we will come out with an extended best of when the football season is over that will also include funniest stuff from the  MNF and TNF picks and funniest shit that happened in between takes, behind the scenes etc. As always none of this is possible without the unbelievable graphics team of Trey, Quigs & Bubba with help from Katherine & Milmore as well as Joshy T on the edit & the entire camera crew. Be Advised