Rear Admiral's Gambling Corner: I'm Not Sure Why I'm Even Bothering Anymore

Last week was maybe the worst week I ever had from a statistical perspective (not financial). 0-10 on publicly posted plays. And that doesn’t include NBA leans, prop bets, and whatever else. Just a disaster on picks.

But at least I didn’t do that stupid double down shit I used to do that’s gotten me in real trouble in the past. I wasn’t upping my plays, I was just trying to snag a W. And couldn’t.

Follow, fade, tell me to fuck off. I don’t blame anybody at this point. But I said the Florida Panthers so I’m sticking with them (naturally, Lehner is starting for the Hawks). We on KY and the Sonks +105 for 500 to make 525.

Good luck to all. Most of all me.