Behind The Blog - Featuring Brandon Walker

Brandon. Fucking. Walker. 

When you think about it, he’s kind of the physical embodiment of what is happening at Barstool. A meteoric rise based on a fuck ton of luck followed up by a whole lot of charisma and hard work. That’s the formula. Sprinkle in some legislation legalizing gambling, Grudge Dave pulling a petty stunt, and 6 feet 5 inches of country with a brain chock full of sports knowledge and you have a recipe for the newest star at Barstool Sports. 

From his youth as a (basically) only child raised only by his mother, to his time at local newspapers and blogs down south, to his big break where he completely changed his life and his family member’s lives to come to New York. After hearing about his upbringing, his professional background, his marriage, his education, and his viewpoint on fatherhood, life, and success, I can promise you nobody will ever call Brandon Walker a M*ron From M*ssissippi ever again. 

A truly fascinating sit down with a man who knew his big break was a publicity stunt, but one who was hell bent on making sure it grew to be much more than that. A great sports writer, but an even better husband, father and friend to have here at Barstool HQ. Watch Behind the Blog and make sure you catch Brandon on Walk The Line, Unnecessary Roughness, Picks Central, and The Yak

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