CFB Top 10 Moments: The Gang Makes Brandon Walker Mad (#10)

Welp... despite the fact that official Quarantine Day 2 started off REALLY weird with the Tom Brady news, we are still living in a life without sports. And a life without live sports means that we have to take trips down memory lane to fill the void.

If you are a listener of Unnecessary Roughness, you know that we are REFUSING to let Corona keep us from talking about college football. I'll be damned if we let a pandemic take the best thing in the world away from us. 

With that being said, I (along with our 5-time Emmy Award winning EP David Matthew Blattman) decided to look at some of the best moments for our 2019 (award nominated) Barstool College Football Show. We will be counting backwards every day for the next couple of weeks... and giving you, the people, just a little escape from all the fucking madness out there. 

Without further ado, I present the best moments from the best show in 2019: 

- Moment #10: The Gang Ruins Brandon Walker's Life Only Solo Segment Every Week.
In 2019, we introduced Brandon fucking Walker to the desk. If you know anything about BFW, he LOVES himself some trivia. It made perfect sense that we would give our (amazing) audience the chance to interact with us every week. It also made perfect sense that we would ruin it every single week. Sorry, Brandon.