CFB Top 10 Moments: Dave Portnoy Gets Very Distracted By A Camera Guy (#9)

Like I said yesterday, we aren't letting Corona keep us from talking college football. While we are still living in this bizarro world of no live sports, we are going to continue to walk down memory lane from the 2019 Barstool College Football Show (which by the way was nominated for some awards and was a monster of success, hate to brag). 

Today's moment is particularly "Barstool" because I'm 98% sure nobody else in TV production would ever keep a moment like this in the show it if they could help it. No, our in-studio shows are not live. Yes, Blattman could have edited it out. No, he did not. That's why we are different. It's perfection at it's finest. 

It's also particularly "Barstool" because it once again proves that you can NOT distract Dave or the entire show will take a hit. And on this particular day in the fall of 2019, Dave was introduced to Camera Man Tom... live on air. 

Let the countdown continue:

- Moment #9: Camera Man Tom Distracts Dave And Dave Derails The show:

- Moment #10: The Gang Ruins Brandon Walker's Life Only Solo Segment Every Week.
In 2019, we introduced Brandon fucking Walker to the desk. If you know anything about BFW, he LOVES himself some trivia. It made perfect sense that we would give our (amazing) audience the chance to interact with us every week. It also made perfect sense that we would ruin it every single week. Sorry, Brandon.