CFB Top 10 Moments: Dave Makes A Big Boy Bet With Big Ev (#5)

Let the countdown continue. 

In case you missed it, Big Ev LOVES Ohio State. In Week 12, the Buckeyes were playing fucking Rutgers. I BELIEVE the line was -50 (which they almost covered btw). In a very natural Michigan vs. OSU moment, Dave asked Big Ev how much he thought they could actually cover by. 

And after that answer, Dave wasn't letting Big Ev out of his bet... no matter how many times they went in circles. 

PS - if you missed any of the previous Top Ten moments… look below!

In Case You Missed It:

- Moment #5: Big Ev Bets Ohio State -70 

- Moment #6: Dave Roasts All Business Pete
Pete fucked a live stream up (again) and Dave fired him (again). On the next week's show, I gave Dave an inch…. and he took a mile. And fired Pete (again). 

- Moment #7: Big Cat Has A Passionate PSA About Dad Bods
For some reason the gang asked "do women actually like guys with dad bods?" and BOY did Dan put that debate to rest with an epic PSA.

- Moment #8: Bob Huggins Joins the Show and Throws Shade At Texas
Legendary WVU Head Basketball Coach Bob Huggins joins the show and talks a little shit about Texas (with the help of Dan). 

- Moment #9: Camera Man Tom Distracts Dave And Dave Derails The show
Everybody knows that you can't distract Dave or the entire show gets thrown off. Thanks to Camera Man Tom, we got a true Barstool moment and the signature Big Cat laugh. 

- Moment #10: The Gang Ruins Brandon Walker's Life Only Solo Segment Every Week.
In 2019, we introduced Brandon fucking Walker to the desk. If you know anything about BFW, he LOVES himself some trivia. It made perfect sense that we would give our (amazing) audience the chance to interact with us every week. It also made perfect sense that we would ruin it every single week. Sorry, Brandon.