CFB Top 10 Moments: Dave and Brandon Have An All-Time "Shirt-Off"

Ahhhh who doesn't love a good semantics-off??

The "is Baylor actually any good?" storyline carried a lot of the way through the 2019 season and Week 12 finally gave us a gift. Brandon vs. Dave. Oklahoma vs. Baylor. Shirt vs. shirt. Ego vs. ego. 

After Baylor blew a 28-3 lead to OU, these two both had shirts (multiple, I might add) made to try to top the other. And it gave us one of the best moments of the entire season.

In Case You Missed It:

- Moment #3: Dave and Brandon Have an Epic Shirt-Off

- Moment #4: Barstool Makes a $20K donation to Thon
After Dean Marie Hardin wrongfully accused Barstool of being sexist (etc etc), Dave challenged her to a debate for charity. After hearing NOTHING from her, he still kept his end of the bargain. 

- Moment #5: Big Ev Bets Ohio State -70
Dave and Big Ev make a bet whether Ohio State could beat Rutgers by 70... and Dave won't let Ev off easily. 

- Moment #6: Dave Roasts All Business Pete
Pete fucked a live stream up (again) and Dave fired him (again). On the next week's show, I gave Dave an inch…. and he took a mile. And fired Pete (again). 

- Moment #7: Big Cat Has A Passionate PSA About Dad Bods
For some reason the gang asked "do women actually like guys with dad bods?" and BOY did Dan put that debate to rest with an epic PSA.

- Moment #8: Bob Huggins Joins the Show and Throws Shade At Texas
Legendary WVU Head Basketball Coach Bob Huggins joins the show and talks a little shit about Texas (with the help of Dan). 

- Moment #9: Camera Man Tom Distracts Dave And Dave Derails The show
Everybody knows that you can't distract Dave or the entire show gets thrown off. Thanks to Camera Man Tom, we got a true Barstool moment and the signature Big Cat laugh. 

- Moment #10: The Gang Ruins Brandon Walker's Life Only Solo Segment Every Week.In 2019, we introduced Brandon fucking Walker to the desk. If you know anything about BFW, he LOVES himself some trivia. It made perfect sense that we would give our (amazing) audience the chance to interact with us every week. It also made perfect sense that we would ruin it every single week. Sorry, Brandon.