Jordan Binnington Defeats Colin Blackwell In The First Series Of The Barstool Chiclets Cup

Jordan Binnington of the St. Louis Blues has defeated Colin Blackwell of the Nashville Predators in the first ever Barstool Chiclets Cup series. Binner won pretty easily, winning both games and the series 2-0. Binnington will advance to the next round and play against the winner of the game we will announce on Friday. 

Both guys really brought it tonight though and left it all on the ice. And while we at Spittin' Chiclets aren't one for participation trophies, one thing that can't go unnoticed is Colin Blackwell returning from injury after Game 1. Basically a flu game performance, except it's a video game and he lost. Only in a game put on by Spittin' Chiclets would the player get hurt with himself and have to leave the game. Blackwell appeared to be the Predators spark throughout the 19-20 season and it showed tonight against Binnington. Just an unreal pregame routine from Binnington too. Nervous? no chance. Just a man of routine. And that's why he is moving on.

Biz and Whit will be back once again on Friday, starting at 8pm on Twitch, Youtube, Twitter and So make sure to tune in.