Nasher Advances To Round 2 Of The Chiclets Cup After Sweeping Vincent Trocheck 2-0 Tonight

I guess there is no shocker here, one of the best NHL20 streamers in the entire world beat a guy who got the game 5 days ago. Nasher beat Vincent Trocheck tonight in a clean sweep, 2-0 and is advancing to the 2nd round of the Chiclets Cup presented by DEVOUR.

I think it's safe to say Nasher is the clear and away favorite to win the tournament, but Trocheck holding him scoreless for almost the entire 1st period of Game 1 was a tough site to see. I compared it to a local Massachusetts High School Hockey team holding the Bruins scoreless for 75% of a period. Granted Nasher went on to pummel him, still an impressive 13 minutes off the jump from Trocheck. There is only one word to describe the rest of his performance.....yikes.

We'll be back again Tuesday Night at 8pm EST. The Matchup? Marty Mush vs The New Jersey Devils Mascot, who happens to be one of the top NHL20 streamers in the world (He will also be playing in his full suit).