The New Jersey Devil Advances To Round 2 Of Chiclets Cup After A Complete Spanking Of Marty Mush

The New Jersey Devil advances to round 2 of the Chiclets Cup presented by DEVOUR after putting on an absolute show against Marty Mush. While Mush may reign the champion of Barstool HQ, he will not be the champion of the Chiclets Cup after a poor performance tonight against the the top NHL20 streaming mascot on the planet. Some (marty) are saying NJ Devil showing up with thumbs really through off Martys game.

I think Marty lost tonight for one reason and one reason only, because he wasn't able to get inside the head of the NJ Devil. Once Marty gets you talking about things like the oceans having walls, you're toast. Next thing you know you're googling beaches on your phone and party is putting up a 10 spot on you. NJ Devil had none of that tonight. He said you take your mind games and shove em right up your hoop, Marty. 

I'll say this, Nasher came in as the Chiclets Cup favorite, but the Devil may have proved to be the chalk after the dominating performance he put on tonight against Mush.

And while tonight was a loss for the Barstool HQ champ, it was a giant win for the Chiclets Cup. During tonight's stream we were joined by Carole Baskin (Keith Yandle) and he announced he has entered himself into the Chiclets Cup to face one opponent and one opponent only....Auston Matthews. So stay tuned for that announcement, but as for Friday, we will have Pete Blackburn going up against potential Norris Trophy winner John Carlson. 8pm EST. Be there.