Pete Blackburn Advances To The 2nd Round Of The Chiclets Cup After A Dominating Performance Over John Carlson

Pete Blackburn is advancing to Round 2 of the Chiclets Cup presented by DEVOUR after a pretty dominating performance over John Carlson of the Washington Capitals tonight. While the scores of games one and two were actually pretty close, Pete basically dominated from the opening puck drop. Biz and Whit made Pete pull his goalie half way through the 3rd period of each game after rumors spread right before Game 1 that Carlson bought a PS4 about a week ago. 

How about Reevo joining the stream too? I have been trying to surprise Biz and Whit with random NHL guests to see what it turns into, and tonight it was the legend himself Ryan Reaves. Any opportunity to get Reavo in the mix you have to take advantage of, the guy is all time and doesn't hold back at all. He even committed to playing in the tournament and called out Nate Schmidt. 

We'll be back next week with a monster matchup on Tuesday night. Make sure to follow along on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and