Auston Matthews Advances To The Second Round Of The Chiclets Cup Presented By DEVOUR After A Clean 2-0 Sweep Of Keith Yandle

The cover boy is moving on. Auston Matthews is moving on the 2nd round of the Chiclets Cup presented by DEVOUR after a clean 2-0 sweep of Keith Yandle tonight. In what many thought would be a close series, turned out to be anything but that. Sources close to Spittin' Chiclets told the podcast that Yandle bought the game just an hour after he called out Auston Matthews last week and spent a full day working on sonking the computer. Yandle would not comment on the topic when asked after the game.

Will Auston channel his inner Michael Jordan and just hang them up after his victory? There are rumors circulating that Matthews could be done, that the cover boy could hang them up forever in light of his dominating win over Keith Yandle. The question just comes down to weather or not AM34 can find the time to dominate another series, with his new dog, cool new mansion, zoom sessions with his best pal Justin Bieber, it's tough to lock this guy in for a night. But we are told Matthews will be back for Round 2, so I'd expect another big showing from Pablo.

Some bad news on the night....many are saying Yandle might be stripped of his "A" in Florida after being dominated so bad by Matthews. Time heals all wounds though and I'm sure the franchise will forgive him. I think the video of him walking Auston Matthews dog on game day is enough punishment.