The Come Back Kid!! Frederik Andersen Comes Back To Beat Christian Fischer In The Chiclets Cup Presented By DEVOUR

They don't call Freddy Andersen the come back kid for no reason. In what some are dubbing the Game of the Century, Freddie Andersen of the Toronto Maple Leafs pulled off a miraculous comeback to beat Christian Fischer of the Arizona Coyotes and give him the clean sweep of the series. After being down 3-1and mocked by Biz who basically left the stream, Andersen prevailed to to score two goals in the final minute to send it to overtime, where it didn't take long for Andresen to win it. 

And just like that the 3rd game remains untouched. Will there ever be a Game 3 played in the Chiclets Cup? The world may never know. But tonight the drama of Game 2 was well worth the price of admission.