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Join Us On Hitting The Board as We Break Down NBA and NHL Playoff Matchups And More

We had a hell of a night on our debut night of Hitting The Board. I went 6-1 and Reags and I combined for an 11-2 night. Paulie was not quite as hot, but he's set up for a big bounce back tonight. Today we welcome on Wolfpack member Big T, to continue talking NBA and NHL playoffs, as well as the Tampa Bay Rays as favorites in Yankee Stadium this evening. As always we have our Best Bets, where Lo Duca has a reverse run line at plus money...Let's cash some tickets!

Best Bet Records:

BlackJack: 2-0 (+2.55u)

Reags: 3-0 (+3u)

Lo Duca: 1-2 (-1.05u)