Stool Scenes 273 - Martin J. Mush Goes Pro & The Barstool Sports Gambling Beef Continues

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Let's get into it fellas and ladies.

-The gambling feud at Barstool continues. Tommy Smokes wrote a phenomenal blog outlining all of the beefs we have going on in the gambling world at Barstool Sports. We get into those beefs a little bit more in this episode. 

-HUMAN FUCKING RESOURCES! WHAT??? Feits breaks down the whole HR ordeal.

-Martin Adirondack Mush plays left field for two innings before the Jackals get rained out. He did foul tip a ball and it was an electric factory. That's my roomie. Feits also throws out the first pitch and Frank the Tank chirps from behind the plate.

-Sean Avery joins the office and plays some Fall Guys with Barstool Gametime while Frankie whacks it around on the course. A rivalry like you read about.

-The Corp featuring J. Lo, Kevin Durant, Ice Cube, and more. Are you fucking kidding me?? 

-We check in with Will Compton of Bussin With The Boys, who just signed with the Tennessee Titans not to fucking brag. Will you better have be back down in Nashville soon. 

-My fat ass gets in a "drinking contest" with Willie Colon. It was fun.

Love you all,

Dana B.