Stool Scenes 279 - Kate's Having A Barstool Baby & Dave Visits Logan Paul in LA

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A nice long, jam-packed episode to take you into your weekends. 

-We start off with the big news at Barstool this week, and that's Barstool Kate of Zero Blog Thirty being pregnant. We give you some office reaction to who the father is and get Kate's thoughts herself on the subject.

-Dave visits LA to jump on Logan Paul's podcast Impaulsive to talk Call Her Daddy, Goodell, Winkle Voss, and more. I remember when Logan Paul first started on Vine, feels like fucking 20 years ago. 

-Lil Sasquatch is afraid of the commenters. Hey Lil Sasquatch, I have some news for you pal, the commenters hate everybody. 

-Stu Feiner and Barstool Sports Advisors behind the scenes action. Stu fucking hates Tyler Herro for ripping his heart out and tells us all about it in the green screen room on the set of Advisors. 

-Some more in-office antics like Therapist Donnie taking patients, bloggers talking about crying, and Nick & KB eating Ghost Chips. I guess this was trendy like 5 years ago. Fuckin' love it boys.

Have a nice weekend everybody.

Dana B