Walk The Line featuring Big Bad Ben Bishop

This episode of Walk The Line is brought to you by Hooters. Hooters are the Presenting Sponsors of the Sportsbook House in Philly - and we couldn't be more excited! 

They are our only choice for wings, and the perfect partner for all the sports this fall! 

  • In October, as they do every year, Hooters is focusing on raising money to fight breast cancer, with donations all benefiting The V Foundation. 
  • Guests can round up their check at the restaurant, make a donation online at hooters.com/give, or buy one of a select handful of our “pink drinks” — featured cocktails on the menu where part of the proceeds are donated to the cause. 
  • Last year, they raised more than $700,000 in October, and over the years, they’ve donated more than $6 million.
  • You can also order in the Hooters app
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