Billy's Budget Betting: Parlaying responsibly

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This is not going to win you money, But It just guarantees you do not lose all your money. Basically, I use this as a tool to bet a 5 team parlay with combinations of it in 3 team parlays. The three teams are the ones that usually hit. The Sheets model simulates every single possible outcome of the bets you place. Really helps me maintain my betting budget as well. So using the model these are all my picks for the weekend.

I like the Bills because of Josh Allen on offense and the best D-backs in the league over a rookie Qb on the Cardinals.

I like the Seahawks because coming off a loss I feel like Russ will Cook because I think he was celebrating the election results last weekend was why he played bad. 

I like the Charger's defense against the Dolphins, Justin Herbert is real. Will test Tua.

Giants Showup this game because it is a game they can win, Eagles have a lot of injuries and Wentz is playing reckless.

Bears are decent and this is a game where the Vikings how their true colors, Bears D will gameplan for Cook and Cousins will be forced to make plays and stink like early in the season. Bears put up enough points to win. 

I chose these 5 games because they have all my picks as underdogs with + money meaning if I parlay them they pay out more. This is where I see my competitive advantage because who really is the underdog in these Games? Eagles suck, Giants suck, is anyone really the underdog? So choose who has plus money.

You can use the 5 team entrance for any bets you just need to put the odds in the right cells. Here is my sheet:

Click here to see the spreadsheet of all my picks 

I will post a way to download the blank sheet so you can 

The best way I can describe the method is that it allows you to shoot for the moon and land in the stars but you won't fall back to earth and die.

And here is a Template so you can put in whatever Parlay you would like.

Click here for a template for Billy's Budget Betting

Gambling Problem?