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Its Stool Streams Championship Week, Get Ready With The Top 5 Moments Of The Futbol Team

This week the out of nowhere Futbol Team will be playing in a best of 3 Jenga series vs Da Chalk for $10,000, winner take all.

Its been a wild season for PFT and Kelly Martin, who has set the Stool Streams world ablaze with her skill, patience, and verbal assault of PFT on a daily basis.

Get ready for the championship on Friday with the top 5 moments of the Futbol Team this year, all matches can be watched in their entirety on the Stool Streams YouTube Channel, PLEASE like and subscribe

4. PFT fights through adversity in a win or go home game

3. Kelly has ice in her veins in the first round of the playoffs

2. Kelly pulls the psycho shit Billy can only dream of to secure a trip to the championship

1. PFT finally uses the apple box