Da Chalk Has Prepared All Season For The Futbol Team, Get Excited For The Championship With The Best Of Da Chalk

Awaiting The Futbol Team in the championship on Friday has been arguably the most dominant team of the season, Big Ev and Liz's Da Chalk.

With a 5-1* record, Liz & Ev have proved all season why they were the favorites to start, and are now only 2-3 games away from the 10k theyve had their sights set on since November. 

*KB subbed for Liz in their only loss

Go to the Stool Streams YouTube Channel to follow all of our old games, some more best moments, and everything you need to get ready for Friday's championship, as well as all of the games referenced above:

5. Liz survives an almost costly 2 hands violation

4. KB leaves his mark on the season

3. Ev forces a do or die table top for Cons

2. Da Chalk secures a first round bye

1. Big Ev sends Da Chalk to the final