Here's The Full Video Of Spittin' Chiclets Ep. 320 With Chris Thorburn And The King Of Cheer

This week's episode was a husky one. We did a career deep-dive with 14-year NHL veteran Chris Thorburn. And no, he was not a hostage. He was with us voluntarily despite what the lighting implies. 

Thorburn played with Biz way back in their junior days so they reminisced about some of the hijinx they pulled off. He also played with Whit briefly in Pittsburgh and, like Whit, he got regularly sewered by Head Coach Michel Therrien. It's a great conversation with a guy who played over 800 NHL games and was the fourth man to lift the Stanley Cup after the Blues won it in 2019 despite not dressing in the playoffs. That's how much the locker room respected him.

Biz also interviewed Cameron Hughes about being a super fan.

We wanted to bring a little something different to show another aspect of the game. Enjoy.