Jimmy Howard Gave His Kids The Tennis Ball Test To See If They Really Wanted To Play Goalie

As a younger brother, l could feel the welts all over again when Jimmy Howard told this story. It really is the best way to see if a kid wants to play goalie.

Way back in the day, my brother and his buddies always had a street hockey goalie at the ready. My brother would just have me strap on the Mylec pads and they would pepper me for hours. No helmet. No mask. No cup. Eating endless shots of tennis and/or street hockey balls. And I fucking loved it. Because I had awful hands. And I couldn't skate for shit. So this was my in to play hockey.

I became a reliable street/road/gym/floor/roller hockey goalie for the next couple of decades and had a shitload of fun, won a few tourneys and trophies. 

Not a big deal. No, really. It's not.

And it's all because Paulie Walnuts and his buddies used me for target practice as a kid. So don't be afraid to get forced to jump in there and see some shots. You could end up becoming the next Jimmy Howard. Or you could just end up having a blast playing net for the next several years. Shoutout to the Flintstones as well, love you guys. 

Howie was a great guest with some fun stories. Caleb also joined us to talk about his attempt to become a golfer and his new show 51 Strokes.

Check out the full video version of Episode 326 of Spittin' Chiclets. It's good shit.