Bob Probert Shit On The Hood Of Shayne Corson's New Camaro Because He Was Being A Cocky Rookie

Talk about sending a message and a message being received. Just one of the many great stories we got from Shayne Corson on this week's Spittin' Chiclets' An all-time guest that's definitely a must-see.

Longtime listeners of Spittin' Chiclets know that us idiots can go off the rails at anytime. Like on this week's episode when we got into a lengthy discussion about...elephants after I mentioned that the Panthers players gifted their goalie Sergei Bobrovsky a Tanzanian safari for playing 500 NHL games. 

As the video shows, Biz was in prime mode to discuss such matters. And in a normal week, it might've garnered our most interaction because everyone is Marlin Perkins on social media. But it's not a normal week when you have Shayne Corson on your show. Just an hour-and-a-half of pure entertainment from a great guy. 

If you haven't listened yet, here's the full video ep. If you have, do it again here.