I Finally Got To Tell My Side Of The Story When It Comes To My Beef With Jeff Nadu

Picks Central today may not have been the uncorked madness that everyone expected but we got to the bottom of some things that had been left untalked about for a long time. To be honest I didn’t have it in me today to go full frontal on Jeff Nadu so when he walked in and immediately apologized I was more than okay with it. I was okay with it because anyone who does come to me with what I believe was a genuinely sincere apology I will absolutely accept it. I had a friend get in a very serious accident this weekend and when something like that happens it lets you see life through a different but very clear lens. The kind of lens that makes you realize you don‘t have it in you to get all fired up over twitter beef when there’s much more serious things to be worried about. The bullshit between Jeff Nadu and myself was petty. A close friend being in the hospital in a coma with a wife and 8 month old daughter at home isn’t petty. That’s the kind of shit that is worth getting upset over and consuming your thoughts and feelings. 

The reason I had beef with Jeff was because after he went on periscope to trash me (about 9ish months ago) and we had a twitter exchange, I reached out to squash the beef, we had a good conversation and I thought everything was good. He then continued to talk shit about me behind my back for awhile. Stoolies would DM me and tell me but I would always ignore it because it wasn’t worth getting worked up about but it was definitely noted. I was sent a few screen recordings so I genuinely did have hard proof. Still let it go. Then the Rico trivia debacle happened two fridays ago and Jeff had Dmd me saying he was sorry it happened. That part annoyed me because I felt it was a very snake/weasel/disingenuous move to reach out like that after all the shit he had talked. He’s apologized and I’m willing to leave it in the past but that was the reason I had beef with Jeff Nadu in the moment. It had a nothing to do with Rico at that point. I was annoyed that I was being called this Rico yes man when I 1) went out of my way to squash the beef with Jeff  2)Came on to Jeffs podcast as a guest when he asked me and 3) privately and publicly said there was enough room on the internet for everyone to succeed and that I was rooting for Jeffs podcast to do well the same way I was rooting for Barstool Bench Mob to do well. A Rico yes man wouldn‘t do any of those things. I do them on my own volition because that’s the kind of guy I am and what I genuinely wanted to do. 

I’m just glad I was able to tell my side of the story and get through all this bullshit. I’m not a guy that seeks to have beef with anyone. I don’t attack anyone unless they attack me first. As far as I’m concerned all this shit is put to bed. Life is short people. Tell your loved ones you love them. Tell them you care about them and that you have their back. If you have anything available to donate please do. The medical bills are gonna pile up and they could use all the help they can get. I love you all whether you love me or hate me. God bless.