College's Plan To Help Students De-Stress Backfires After Bubble Wrap Ends Up Stressing Students Out


I know, I know, college students are S-A-W-F-T. Back in your day, college students were out there mining coal before and after class. However, college can get stressful for some. Whatever, get over it. For those stressed-out students, colleges need to help them. For example, one college in the UK decided to give out bubble wrap to help their students de-stress:

SOURCE-Stress relief packs are being handed out at the Bristol University Student Union living room to relieve exam tension. The packets of bubble wrap come with instructions: ‘For immediate stress relief. Pop three capsules every 4-6 hours, or as needed.’

Love that there were instructions with the bubble wrap. Only pop three capsules every 4-6 hours! No more! Don’t want to overdose on the bubble wrap!

But some students have apparently become more stressed by the bubble wrap therapy and its potential to cause plastic waste.

Bristol University Student Union was forced to issue a reassuring statement via the uni paper Epigram.

The bubble wrap was originally used to package new furniture for the new Student Union living room.

This is why college students are like terrorists. You can’t negotiate with them. When you do, you lose. It’s that simple.

P.s. Speaking of not negotiating with terrorists: