Nick Saban Stole An Auburn Recruit By Laying All His Championship Rings Out On A Table In Front Of Him

Nick Saban rules the college football free world. Yes, he may have taken a step back by losing to Dabo Swiney in the national championship, but he still runs the college football world as we know it.

Ever so often, a story about Saban will come out that reminds us just who he is.

Meet Demouy Kennedy, a 4-star recruit from Theodore, Alabama. He is entering his senior year of high school.

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Up until March, Demouy was committed to Auburn. Last week, he committed to Alabama. That’s a hell of a flip. So, what happened?

SOURCE-On Wednesday, he shared the biggest impression Nick Saban left on him, while discussing how Auburn coach Gus Malzahn took the news of his decommitment.


Perhaps even more memorable was Saban’s pitch to Kennedy during his visit.

They were standing next to two tables, he said. One was clear of anything. The other had championship rings on it.

“I liked when he said, ‘Would you rather gamble on this table (pointing to the ring table) or the other table?’ I said, ‘I’m gambling on the ring table.’”

Once you make money, it’s often easier to make more money. Just compounding interest in a bank account can often return you loads of money. The same goes for recruiting for a coach that is successful. There’s no way for Gus Malzahn to come back from that. Nick Saban won. He put the rings in front of him. Game over. Didn’t even take much effort.

Pat Riley knows:

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P.s. What Demouy didn’t include in this story was that the rings were taken out of a duffle bag that also had 100k cash in it. Demouy got to take the duffle bag home.