Bet On Pasta With Tonight's Spittin' Chiclets Props

Boston Bruin David Pastrnak was today's guest on Spittin' Chiclets so this Chiclets Bump prop was an easy call. You can bet that Pasta records a point and the Bruins win. If you risk 100, you win 100 if both happen (boosted from -128).

Tonight's Alumni Parlay features Whitney's first and last NHL teams. If both the Penguins and Panthers win tonight, you win 120 for every 100 risked (boosted from -105).

In tonight's NHL Boost, you can bet that 2+ goals will be scored in the 1st period of both the Rangers/Islanders game and the Hurricanes/Lightning game. For every 100 risked, you win 300 if both happen (boosted from 247).

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