Keith Yandle Breaks Record, Gets A Point And The Flyers Win

The Flyers might be the most pathetic team in the league right now, losers of 12 straight, but all eyes will be on their game tonight vs. NY Islanders because of Keith “SONK” Yandle. Spittin’ Chiclets favorite son will break the consecutive games played record tonight!! 965 games straight are so ridiculous with the number of years it takes, the speed of the game now, and to avoid Covid the last 2+ years. 

The Islanders are buzzing right now and need every point they can find, but on a night like tonight the Hockey Gods usually seem to take over. Yandle, always quoted by teammates as the best locker room guy will get that good karma tonight.  He will find a way to get a point, most likely a goal like he did last year when they were going to healthy scratch him and ruin his streak but at last, second was put into the lineup. Fairway Folz Twitter Feud with the Florida Panthers leading up to that game may have had something to do with him getting in the lineup.

The Flyers have looked lifeless for months now, but 12 straight losses is a lot and they have to win at some point, so why not the night where Yandle probably has $9,650 on the board for the win.  If the team wins they will cash in on this money for the next team party, and the Chiclets Crew wants to cash in on this game too, so we have a huge boost to celebrate Yands big night.

+540 are great odds, so sprinkle some of our winnings from last week on that and root for the NHL’s good guy to have a huge game on a very special night for him and his family. Congrats and good luck tonight to my former teammate and friend and please win us all some cash so we can buy this fire hoodie you were rocking over the weekend.

Quickly my favorite story of Yands is his rookie year when he was headed out to Arizona and he did not bring any hockey equipment for rookie camp just his golf clubs.  This is a legendary move and was a foreshadow of the player he is today.  Congrats to Yands on this incredible accomplishment and Keep Pushin!!!

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