Chiclet Boosts are back and in memory of Vegas.. This is all about goals and a lot of them!

Anyone who has spent a week in Las Vegas understands the mental pretzel you are in when a trip comes to an end.  Already miss Vegas and the Chiclets boys but also my body has had enough.  I have never been a bigger fan of the timing for a boost than this one.  I want to sit in front of my two screens and only have to worry about goals.  The NHL is back and no more disruptions until a lucky team lifts Lord Stanley.  Below are 5 games that only need 5 goals to cash this boost so let's get to it!!!

Game 1: Penguins @ Bruins 

Both these teams understand the push that happens now for the teams to make a run.  The top two lines on either team can score on any team at any moment. Crosby and the crew like to start fast and if they are in the lead the game usually opens up. Boston will need a few PP goals to keep up with the Pens and I see this happening. This game could easily go to overtime but we need goals. 

Over/Under records last 5:

Penguins away: 4-1 

Bruins home: 5-0

Game 2: Devils @ Canadiens 

The Devils record of scoring a goal in the first 10 is ridiculous.  I believe it was 16 in a row so we got that going for us which is nice .. shoutout Bill Murray. The fans might be allowed back in at a capacity but the Devils are on a back to back so hopefully, they will play a back-and-forth game with plenty of chances. Both rosters are depleted but there should be plenty of goals.  Caufield will get one tonight so that's one down. 

Over/Under Record last 5:

Devils away: 4-1

Canadiens home: 4-1

Game 3: Blue Jackets @ Capitals 

This is a great game that will produce goals.  The Blue Jackets have been a fun team to watch and have scored goals on the road.  Remember the Florida game!! The Caps are always ready to score and the rumor is Ovie might be back. If he isn’t, I think this team still gets there.  The PP for the Caps is awesome and they are another team that will be on a push for the playoffs. This game might get there in the first period which would be nice.  

Over/Under last 5:

Blue Jackets away: 3-2

Capitals home: 4-1

Game 4: Wild @ Jets 

The Wild have been better at home respectively but this is a great spot for goals.  The Wild Boys are on the pod today so we can count on a chiclets bump tonight for sure.  The Wild is a roll the lines type of team with an absolute star in Kaprizov coming off the All-Star game. The gas better of made it over the border.  The Jets can score if they get some bounces. Everyone knows I have a soft spot for the Jets and they are need results at home where they have not been good.  But win or lose goals must be had. 

Over/Under last 5: 

Wild away:5-0

Jets home: 5-0

Game 5: Knights @ Oilers

This game will have goals for sure.  The Knights are another team that has a great record in the first 10 min. of games.  If this gets going early we should have goals aplenty.  I think this could be a first-round matchup in the playoffs. The pressure is on in Edmonton and they have to outscore a lot of teams to win.  

Over/Under last 5:

Knights away: 4-1

Oilers home: 5-0 

Let's go EBR! This is the start of a chiclets boost run of wins.  Get over the Barstool Sportsbook and under exclusives get down on this for plenty of fun. 

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