Tuesday Morning Work Is The Worst There Is No Changing My Mind ... EBR Win Streak is 1!

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I know a lot of people always say Monday is the worst but I beg to differ. Monday you still have the weekend glow on and can spend the morning texting friends and joking about whatever you did.  Even if you go full spa life and spend all weekend relaxing then on Monday you feel good!! But Tuesday comes along and you get to work and say damn it, when is the weekend? 

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There is no point to go out on a Tuesday… There's no football and Wednesday is too early in the week to be hung at work! It is basically date night and that can be fun, but that is not what helps you get through a tough workday.  Bosses actually want work to be done, the emails from the weekend can not be pushed off any longer, and the worst is the afternoon meeting discussion. 

Work Tuesdays stink!! This is not up for debate so please read below and $EBR will give you that glimmer of life you need to get through today. 

GAMEDAY: Iserlohn Roosters at Bremerhaven/Fischtown Pinguins

TIME: 1:30 p.m. EST 

LINE: Fischtown ML -230 O/U 6 -120 Barstool Sportsbook

Murls Breakdown:

This is simple math and part science. Yah Science! The Pinguins are a very good team built to win and the Roosters are not.  Now if this game was at the Roosters' home rink then that would be different but it is not. So much as we will be in two weeks in Pittsburgh we are all Pinguins today!

Enjoy your Tuesday EBR!!!

Murls’ Best Bet: Bremerhaven (Fischtown Pinguins) 3-way -132

If this action isn't enough to get you through the day, the newest Spittin' Chiclets episode has dropped. $EBR may or may not have released The Game Of The Week early on the pod!!!

Everybody Rides!!

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