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New Ad Released In Alabama Showing How To Vote For Nick Saban As Write-In Senate Candidate

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Alabama’s special Senate election has had more than it’s fair share of news. It seemed to be coming down to Doug Jones and Roy Moore, but I’m not sure why everyone is doubting the independent on the ticket, Nick Saban.

The Hill-A liberal group has released a new ad demonstrating to Alabama voters how to write-in a candidate in Tuesday’s special Senate election, providing University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban as an example.

The video, published by American Bridges, shows step-by-step instructions for voters, telling them not to vote along party lines, to fill in the bubble next to the write-in slot and to write-in the candidate of choice, providing Saban as the example.

Write-in candidates have always fascinated me. I remember as a young kid, listening to one of my camp counselors discuss how they wrote in Paris Hilton as their presidential choice in the 2004 election. Ever since that point, I wondered if the unthinkable could occur. I even wrote a paper in high school about write-in candidates.

Alabama is one of the states that a write-in candidate could have a serious chance, thanks to one man: Nick Saban. Obviously, winning as a write-in candidate is impossible, but there is no doubt in my mind that Nick Saban could win the next race for Governor of Alabama. All Alabama fans would vote for him and Auburn fans would vote for him as well, because any man that beats the Auburn Tigers should be respected.

I, also, can’t leave this article without giving a shout out to this group who put this video together. Being a liberal group in Alabama can’t be easy, but there is one thing that transcends politics and that’s footBAWL. Even though they are saying that Republicans in Alabama are dumb enough to throw aside their political beliefs to vote for Nick Saban, I do respect that they know the one absolute truth in this world: SEC football just means more.


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